Tandem Paragliding from Babadag 2000m


Paragliding in Fethiye

in 6 Steps

Paragliding in Fethiye

in 6 Steps

Our Company

Happy to announce +100.000 flights since 2003

• Use best available technical equipment
• Proper travel agency with full insurance and certifications


Our Company

Meet Our Pilots

• Fully licensed and highly experienced tandem pilots
• You can choose your pilot
• No freelancers, all reaction pilots


Our Team

Your Experience!

• Personalized flights for each passenger; thermalling, side by side flying, aerobatics
• Direct feeling of flight
• UNİQUE view
• You will have great photos
• Great Fun for the whole family!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have female pilot?

Yes. Gülşah is a Reaction team member. She will take you to the sky and you can experience tandem flight from Babadag. She will record the whole trip as well.

What is the age limit for tandem paragliding?

The age limit for tandem paragliding is 6. Children should be willing to fly as well as having aprroval of their parents. There is no upper age limit for tandem paragliding.

What is the weight and height limit for tandem paragliding?

The weight limit is 100 kg. Fit passengers who are 100 to 120 kg are accepted by pilot approval. There is no limit for height.

Fethiye tandem paragliding prices?

The prices of tandem paragliding in Oludeniz, Fethiye are set in the beginning of each season. The entry fee to Babadag mountain and the pilots association decisions are the main factors. Please read more

When and how should I make reservation?

The full season (June-Sept) it will be very good idea to complete your reservation 3 days prior the flight date. Still dont wait the last 3 days, earlier the better. Our team will help you on the phone, whatsapp, wechat, email, etc. Your contact is enough. Ask for info, then you can proceed with your reservation.

When to fly? Which time is best?

Whole year, whole day it is possible to fly. Early in the morning is ideal for stable glides and photo shooting. Midday is better for longer flights (thermalling). Some prefer afternoon for sunset. Our departure times might vary during the season. For precise info dont hasitate to ask.

Do you have a pick up service from Fethiye?

Yes we do have a free pick up service from Fethiye town. Çalış, Fethiye downtown, Kayaköy and ovacık. If you will come from further we can arrange shuttle service as extra (Kaş, Kalkan, Sarıgerme, Göcek & Marmaris). Please ask…

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From the top of the Babadag, 2000 meters