Paragliding sport, today’s appearance and structure of the wings, trainings that is given to pilots, tandem flights for two people, has become its recent form over a long time and developed with slow but firm steps. The most similar form to its current level was made and developed by three French climbers in 1978. In the 90’s, it came to our country after foreign pilots discovered Babadağ in Fethiye Ölüdeniz and started to be actively taught and performed at aviation clubs at METU, Ege University and Boğaziçi University.

You can discover the beauty of flying by doing tandem paragliding with professional pilots without any training. But if you are one of the thousands of people who are afraid of the news and wrong information, we recommend that you read our article to the end.

As with many sports, dozens of misinformation about paragliding sport is circulating. Contrary to popular belief, it does not related with jumping from anywhere. Guided by trained and experienced pilots, you start running from Babadağ’s take-off areas of different heights with your pilot’s instructions and take off, then glide and take a flight. Before taking off, the wing is laid open. With the proper running, the air fills the glider and it is ready for flight. You feel like you are sitting on a chair in the air and all you have to do is to enjoy the wonderful view of Ölüdeniz, feel the wind on your skin and discover the liberating feeling of being in the sky.

As Reaction Paragliding, the safety of both our pilots and you is very important for us and we take very strong precautions for this. We use the Ozone and Gin brand paragliders, which are the biggest manufacturers in this field. Also, we regularly check all our materials, ensure their reserve is steady and ensure their durability. A spare parachute, reserve, is available on all our tandem flight equipment. As ReAction Paragliding, we take care of regular ventilation, folding, control and renewal of the spare parachutes, make sure they are proper, and we leave the rest to our experienced pilots. As a company, the security record that we have already held since 2003 proves to our customers that it is not difficult at all to do our job safely.

In order to make a tandem paragliding flight in the Ölüdeniz, 7 certificates must be obtained respectively. These certificates are obtained from Turkish Aviation Authority (THK) as a result of years of study. P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 certificates are awarded as they progress through flights alone. After obtaining the P5 certificate, T1 and T2 certificates must be obtained respectively. As ReAction Paragliding, our experienced pilots who are THK certified, trained and have made at least 1000 flights each, are the most important building blocks in our company’s success for many years. As a company, we also give our pilots the right to have 1 day of leave, which they can use at any time per week to ensure both mental and physical health of them and ensure safe flights at all times. Thus, while you are enjoying the flight experience, you will feel peaceful at every moment of the flight, you will enjoy the view without worrying about your safety, and you will experience the pilot being a good companion in this experience. We believe that we can make you smile more with our happy pilot staff.

Öludeniz provides quite suitable weather conditions for paragliding, especially during the days of summer. However, we should never leave the precaution, and aware of this, we check and evaluate the weather in all respects at least 5 times a day. We take off only when all conditions are suitable for safe flight. We do one of the most beautiful things of nature without forcing the conditions given by nature and using them to our advantage; to fly. Following the rules of nature, we have been trying to give people the experience of flying safely and in the best way for many years and reach our goal.

After your flight is arranged, if you need to be picked up from your accommodation, we will pick you up in about half an hour – an hour ago and meet at our office to check in 15 minutes before the flight. A 20-40 minute shuttle journey is waiting for you, before the flight, to the top of Babadağ, depending on the area you will take off and the condition of the traffic. In the meantime, you can watch the view of Ölüdeniz and enjoy the wonderful forests you will pass through. Experienced drivers will accompany you on this journey and they will make your journey even more comfortable for you. After your flight is over, we drop you back to your hotel. All motor vehicles used in our company are regularly checked and maintained. We handle each vehicle individually and have been working with careful, experienced drivers for years.

As one of the first paragliding companies in Ölüdeniz, we are proud of the excellent safety record we have had since 2003. As a company, we care that all our employees are aware of the beauty of the work we do and the security measures that must be taken. The experience we want to give to people who will fly for the first time in their lives, the big smile we see on each face of our customers who have come back many times, the value of our pilots that they add to our company, and the happiness they have for working with us, is our greatest motivation to continue this business and improve ourselves every day. We believe that we can keep our work at this level by continuing with the best quality of everything, considering even the smallest factors and being aware of the importance of the details.

To summarize, even if paragliding involves certain risks, as in every extreme sport, we can reduce this risk to minimum levels by using quality materials, checking and maintaining them on time, and constantly monitoring the weather. Since 2003, we are proud that we give this experience safely with our talented pilot staff for more than 100,000 passengers. “Is it safe to do tandem paragliding?” The shortest answer to the question is “yes, it is much safer than driving”.