“Is it safe to do tandem paragliding?” The shortest answer to the question is “yes, it is much safer than driving”

Some people decide not to fly due to safety concerns. Please read this article to the end if you are one. Don’t miss an unforgettable lifetime experience.

As Reaction Paragliding, safety is our very first priority and thus we take very strong precautions. There are three main factors we control; weather conditions, equipment and pilot skills/responsible attitude.

How we control weather conditions? Öludeniz provides very suitable weather conditions for paragliding, especially during the days of summer. Our job is to make sure that the weather factor is best for paragliding before each flight. Actually we cannot control the wind. What we control is the decision to fly or not. We know paragliding is a nature sport and respecting the nature we fly only when it is perfect.

Our Equipment. We use Ozone and Gin paragliders, which are the leading manufacturers. We regularly check all of the equipment set. A reserve parachute is available on all of our tandem flights.

Pilot Skills & Certifications. A tandem paragliding pilot in Oludeniz should get 7 certificates respectively. These certificates are (THK) P1, P2, P3, P4 ,P5, T1 and T2. Sure this is not enough for ReAction Paragliding. On top of all these certifications a pilot should log +1000 commercial tandem flights and have a correct understanding of responsibility of his/her job in order to join reaction team.

To summarize, even if paragliding involves certain risks, as in every extreme sport, we can reduce this risk to minimum levels by using quality materials, checking and maintaining them on time, and constantly monitoring the weather. Since 2003, we are proud that we give this experience safely with our talented pilot staff for more than 100,000 passengers. “Is it safe to do tandem paragliding?” The shortest answer to the question is “yes, it is much safer than driving”.