We are all overwhelmed by the places we are at, certain times of the year, from the work we do, the density, the stress and crowd of the city. At this point, the first thing that comes to our minds is to have a relaxing holiday that is suitable for our budget to release our stress. So how can we plan a vacation that fits our budget that has the quality we want, in a short time? Here are our suggestions we will offer you;

1. Decide what kind of vacation you want

Accommodation places, vacation types and to-do lists are too long. Deciding what kind of holiday you want is the first important thing you have to determine in order to shorten this long list that includes every step of the holiday. You can take a sea vacation, swim abundantly and visit the bays that you have never seen with boat tours, or have a holiday to discover food, taste the famous flavors of the region you choose, have a feast for your stomach, or have a camping holiday, spend a few days in nature with the sounds of the wonderful creatures in the nature. As soon as you choose what kind of holiday to choose from, there are a lot of possible places to go and you start to search for suitable areas.

2. The most important point to investigate

When researching to decide where to go, you should not be limited to just one source. You should definitely ask your friends and acquaintances, look at the travel agencies’ programs, search the region you will go online and get help from social media. Perhaps you will find a calm and perfect beach that your friend knows but is not really known, you will see the photos of a valley that you have not heard before on social media and want to go. Even 2-3 short comments written under the blogs that are not frequently entered can be enough to change your holiday route. You can discover very beautiful places even by looking at the places you think might be beautiful on Google Maps with a satellite view. Exploring where you are likely to go can open the door to places and experiences you never thought possible.

3. Where to stay? How to plan the budget?

You have decided where you will go and the activities you will do. Now it’s time to find where to stay. Varieties are too many. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the factors that will determine where to stay. It should address your budget, be close to the activities and places you will visit, and make you feel safe.

After deciding on the budget you will spend, you can decide based on the number of days you will stay and calculate approximately how much money you can spend on a daily basis, and you do not need to think about it if you decide not to exceed your budget. You can find out whether the price that your accommodation tells you is a normal amount for that neighborhood, by searching for places like the hotels / hostels. If there are better and cheaper options in an unfamiliar place to you, it is very important to evaluate and compare them. When you search for accommodation, do not forget to get information about occupancy and to read comments written about them on their website. It will give a lot of information about where to stay. It may also be a useful idea to take advantage of applications and sites where you can compare the prices and opportunities of accommodation.

If you decide on your vacation in advance, you should definitely consider the early booking possibilities in the accommodation. With an early reservation, you will be making a lot of profit compared to a vacation you will make at the normal time.

4. How to get there?

Your vacation, your destination, the day you stay is certain. You got a lot of work done. But how should you handle the transportation? Although it takes a lot of movement and freedom to go with individual cars, it may not be good on the budget and you may not want to go to an unfamiliar city with your car. While you can shorten the time you spend on the road with a plane journey, you may have to spend a lot of money from your budget because you have not booked early or choose the times when tourism is alive.

There are multiple websites and apps to keep track of affordable tickets moment by moment. For example, skyscanner.com, momondo.com will show you the appropriate tickets, remaining places, transfers every minute and offer you the opportunity to purchase quickly. After choosing the dates, you can look at the tickets, compare them with the price of the flight at the visible airline company, and see how much profit you make. While traveling by bus, you can watch the roads for a long time, but you may feel very tired at the end, but it may be a more affordable option from time to time. Or you can register with applications such as BlaBlaCar and go with people who will travel in the same direction, as you divide the cost of fuel. You can choose the date and time you plan to go and look at the appropriate options, reach the comments about the driver, and be sure of the safety of your journey. Another very enjoyable option is to hitchhike and go where you want to reach, both by traveling and chatting with the people you share your trip with.

It is also very convenient to use the public transportation of the region when you travel from one place to another. You can examine the bus, subway numbers and directions in detail from some applications, such as Moovit, Google Maps. After turning on your location, you can type the name of the place you want to go and see which public transports you need to use without any difficulty by pressing a single button. You can use boat tours and ship transportation to travel between the beaches close to each other, to walk around the bays, and to swim in the clear bay waters. Another way of both affordable and very enjoyable transportation is renting a bicycle. Local businesses provide very affordable transportation vehicles such as bicycles and ATVs. During your vacation, you can use these tools to walk around without missing any beauty around you. There are many options for transportation and what is important is how you want to travel while it fits to your budget. It is very important to use today’s opportunities, such as technology and different online information resources when deciding on this.

5. We planned the vacation, so what to eat and drink?

As with every stage, there are so many options here. You can reduce the food and beverage expenses by shopping from local markets and buying fresh fruits and vegetables. If you book from a site like Airbnb and stay in the home environment, you can cook at home and reach exactly the tastes you want, have a pleasant time and save money. If you do not want to worry about what to cook on holiday, there are plenty of other options. In places where tourism is alive, everyday a new restaurant, cafe, bar, pub and other entertainment businesses are opening and they offer variety of tastes and enjoyments.

Of course, you cannot guarantee that you will have a delicious meal just by looking at the menu in a place you never know. In this case, there are applications and websites you can use, such as GoogleMaps, TripAdvisor, Foursquare or Zomato. These applications can provide you with detailed photos of restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues, the tastes to be tried in their menus, the content of the place, the quality of its employees and chefs, the facilities (parking lot, playground etc.). But another point that we need to pay attention here, is the comments written by the places that they wrote for themselves. It will be a much safer choice to prefer places with many comments and high ratings instead of the restaurants with few reviews and high rated ratings.

You have thought, planned and determined every stage of your vacation in detail. The rest is left to have a pleasant time, to get rid of the hustle of chaotic life, to rest and to share these beautiful moments. If you want to spend your vacation in Fethiye and enjoy both nature and the sea at the same time, we recommend you take a look at our tours. Have a nice holiday 🙂