See brief history of Reaction Paragliding. You will also find our values, quality definition.

Reaction Paragliding is founded in 2003. A relatively small team of 5 pilots. The initial motto was FULL SAFETY with no compromise. Since then we keep this motto.

Other than full safety motto, our second concern is the best overall experience of our clients. On time operations, longer flight time, group flying, comfortable office environment. This is how Reaction Paragliding reputation started.

Over the years our team got bigger, firstly 7 pilots, then 9, 13 and so on. In 2019 we had a team of 28 pilots who were all keeping the very first motto. And in 2019 we had our 100.000th happy landing. We are proud.

We are here to serve you the best tandem paragliding experience. Your trustworthy and roper paragliding company, Reaction.