Paragliding in Fethiye, Oludeniz


 Duration: 2 hours

Group Flight for Families

Activity Photos: GoPro & 360°

Pick-Up Service: Free in Fethiye

Weight Limit: 100 kg

Min age: 6 years old

Speciality: Longer Flight Time

Time Table: Whole Day



Sit comfortably in your harness and enjoy the stunning view of Oludeniz. Let your pilot know what you want to experience; gentle gliding, thermalling even higher and/or acrobatics. Paragliding flight from Babadag mountain, 2000m, will be one of your unforgettable lifetime experience.

See the details; group flying, time table, pick up service, how to book...

Your Flight, Personalized flights for each passenger

We share our passion and we want your experience to be best. Since 2003, serving for more than 100.000 passengers, we know each individual is different. So our flights are personalized depending on your expectations, comfort and fun. You are nervous, we take it gentle. You want a blast, we crack the spirals. You are a family, we make side by side flight. You are a free flight spirit, we thermal higher. Just tell your pilot what you want from your experience.

Flight Airtime

Oludeniz, Babadag Mountain is one of the highest sports in the world. Therefore even the steady gliding takes 25-30 mins. For this sense it is already a great and fulfilling freeflight experience. And yes, it is possible to fly longer, up to 45 minutes. Pilots can take you higher by using the thermal lift. Mention it before the take off. If you specifically want a thermal flight please choose a slot from 11.00 to 15:00 and mention it during reservation.

Families and Groups

Great fun for the whole family! We keep the families together which means pilots will put extra effort to make you fly as a group in the air. Side by side flights are our specialty, you can even speak to your loved ones in the air.

Take off & Landing

Don't worry both will be very easy and smooth. Take off is made from a slope with a gradual running/takeoff transition. There is no cliff, there is no jumping. You will make a few steps together with your pilots. And you won’t even feel how smooth is has happened. Similarly, landing will be very smooth. First pilot will touch the ground and you will put your steps on the ground when pilot says “stand up”.

What to Bring

  • Trainers
  • Comfortable outfit
  • Sunglasses
  • One bottle of water

* Depending on the season, the flight suit will be provided



Min age limit is 6 and there is no upper limit.

Max. weight is 100 Kg. Fit & strong persons between 100-120 kg are excepted uppon pilots confirmation. Please contact office.

If you have any health issue like epilepsy, please contact with us before booking.


Depending on the season we are changing our time slots for flight. For the updated time slots please choose a date of flight and time slots for each date will be shown as “start time”.

Tandem Paragliding Prices in Oludeniz, Fethiye 2021

Tandem paragliding prices vary slightly each year. Please read the post for details.





Pick-up and Drop-off

Transfer to the mountain

Mountain entrance fee

All necessary equipment

Health insurance



Photos & Videos


Comfortable Clothing

Closed Toe Shoes



Can I take my own camera?

For your and pilots safety it is forbidden to take camera or cellphone during the flight.

What is 360 degree photo?

It is new type of the photos that you can rotate and see every direction of the view. You can find an example at the end of our website.