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Paragliding in Fethiye, Oludeniz



2 hours

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Daily Tour

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Anybody, without any paragliding experience, can enjoy the paragliding sport and the perfect view of Oludeniz. All you do is sit comfortably in the harness and tell the pilot which kind of flight you want: gliding smoothly, thermalling, or acrobatics. Without doubt, all the Reaction Paragliding passengers experience an intense and fun adventure. 2000 meters (6600 feet) altitude is more than enough. The quiet glide above the beautiful landscape will be breath taking. We will make this experience unforgettable for you.

Flight Time

Depending on the season we are changing our time slots for flight. For the updated time slots please choose a date of flight and time slots for each date will be shown as “start time”.

Flight Duration

The flight takes 20-30 minutes. The passenger defines the duration by choosing a steady glide, thermalling or acrobatics. If you would like to fly longer than 20 minutes, you should choose flight time between 12.00 and 15:00. We are able to fly longer by using the rising hot air (thermals).

What to Bring

For this experience all you need is

  • Trainers
  • Comfortable outfit
  • Sunglasses
  • One bottle of water

* Depending on the season, the flight suit will be provided


We guarantee your safety by controlling 4 main factors: pilots’ skills, weather conditions, our equipment and pilots’ exhaustion:

  • To work with us pilots should have at least 1000 flights. Before joining our team, pilots are tested for 10-15 flights. Only the pilots with highest skills are able to join the team.
  • Everyday we check weather conditions at least 5 times. We fly when all weather condition is in safe limits.
  • Our company uses only Ozone and Gin Paragliders which are the leading paraglider manufacturers in the market. And we regularly check the condition of the paragliders and reserve parachutes.
  • Our pilots can take a leave of absence anytime. By this way, we avoid exhaustion and physical stress. All of our pilots have the right of leave at least one day per week.

Is there any limitations?

Everyone older than 5 years old and between 15 – 100 kg can do paragliding.
If you have any health issue like epilepsy, please contact with us before booking.

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If you need pick-up, depending on the location of your hotel we will pick you up 30-75 minutes before the flight time.
We will meet in our office about 15 minutes before the flight, complete your check-in. If you have luggage, you can leave them to our safe boxes.
Transfer to take-off
After check-in on the flight time we will leave from our office. Depending on the number of the customers there will 2-3 groups. As a group our team leaders will take you to our shuttles.
Pilot choice
While choosing a pilot for you, there are several factors as direction and speed of the wind, passenger's weight and height and pilot's weight and height. Depending on these factors our team leaders will choose best pilot for you. When all conditions are suitable, the pilots can be chosen randomly also.
Briefing before flight
Your pilot will explain necessary information about the flight. If you have special requests it is the best time to ask your pilot. You can choose what kind of flight you want: gliding through air, thermalling or aerobatic maneuvers. No worries, you can change your mind while flying also :)
After several steps you will start gliding through air. All the excitement is over, time to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Oludeniz. You pilot will take photos and videos during all flight.
After 20-30 minutes of flight you will land in our landing area which is 1-2 minutes walking distance from our office. You will come to our office with your pilot to check your photos and videos.
Photos and Videos
First you pilot will upload all the photos and videos to his/her computer, then you can check them. After checking the photos and videos you can decide to buy or not.
After you finished, we will drop you back to your hotel. In about every 2 hours, we have shuttles back to the hotels.


  • Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Transfer to the mountain
  • Mountain entrance fee
  • All necessary equipment
  • Health insurance
  • Taxes
  • Photos and Videos

Tour's Location


Can I take my own camera?
For your and pilots safety it is forbidden to take camera or cellphone during the flight.
What is 360 degree photo?
It is new type of the photos that you can rotate and see every direction of the view. You can find an example at the end of our website.


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Very Good
Tours, Excursions and Activities

Jason Yellop



First time paragliding in August this year. Absolutely first class company who explain everything in detail and totally make you feel at ease. Superb videos and photos too! An awesome experience I will never forget. Thanks Guys!
Tours, Excursions and Activities

Sabit Gaş


Tek adres Reaction-Özgür

Muhteşem bir deneyimdi. Fethiye’ye gelince kesinlikle yapılması gerekenlerden. Yapmadan dönmek, tatili yarım bırakmak demek. Yamaç paraşütü diyince hiç tereddüt etmeden Reaction’a gidebilirsiniz. Özellikle adrenalin sevenlere Özgür beyi tavsiye ediyorum. Özgür bir numara.
Tours, Excursions and Activities

Harry Worthington


3rd time

Osman and guinae are excellent paragliders that I have been with reaction is one of the best to book excursions with and do recommend
Tours, Excursions and Activities

Leila Aram


Paragliding Experience

ماه جولای 2020 در منطقه اولودنیز فتحیه دو بار با آقای حسین اونال پریدم تنها چیزی که میتونم بگم اینه که تجربه ای شگفت انگیز بود چیزی که هیچ وقت تجربه نکرده بودم و شاید چنین لذت و هیجانی هرگز هم تکرار نشه. آقای حسین خلبانی فوق العاده حرفه ای و واقعا خبره هستند و منی که حتی از پرواز با هواپیما می ترسم به هیچ عنوان مشکلی نداشتم و اصلا ترسی وجود نداشت برای همه کسانی که به این منطقه سفر می کنند واقعا این پرواز رو توصیه می کنم در یک جمله وافعا عالی بود. I have done paragliding twice in July 2020 with the pilot Hosein Ünal . It was wonderful , excellent , I have never had such amazing experience I really suggest it to you. # Hosein Ünal
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