When you visit Babadag mountain in Fethiye, you will see children making tandem paragliding. Yes, children above 5 can fly. Technically it is not different than a normal tandem flight. The only necessities are parent approval and will of the children. As a family you can enjoy paragliding all together. You can fly side by side with your child and even talk in the air. They will have an unforgettable memory.

How children feel in the air? Are they scared?

Actually not. Children are not scared at all. They are mainly curious about how we can fly, where we are going, how we will land, etc. Our pilots will be talking to them, continuously assessing their condition. They will be explained and informed and will be relaxed in the air.

Is there a special tandem paragliding equipment for children?

Yes, the harness of the children is smaller for their comfort and safety.

Is it easy to take off? What should the children do during the take off?

It is easier for the pilot to take off and land with a child passenger due to the weight. Still pilots always have assistance for a perfect take off. The assistant will be holding the children so they don’t even need to stand up or run. And the landing will be at Oludeniz beach. Very soft and easy.