Soso shares her tandem paragliding experience from Babadağ (2000m), Fethiye.

As the song lyrics, to be able to fly; to feel the freedom and serenity through your each and every cell, is possible 🙂

All you have to do is to release yourself to the flow of this paragliding experience. I didn’t feel nervous or scared, instead I was the conqueror of the blue sky. I had none of a negative feelings, no motion sickness, no fear at all. Surprisingly, It is really possible to have it both; calm or full of adrenalin. Just tell your pilot what you want to experience. Each moment was well tuned and great. The take off was 1700m Babadağ. Very easy, maybe 2 steps only. Landing was Oludeniz beach, very soft. I never had a problem or a bad feeling on the contrary, I felt to fly over and over again. It was safe, calm and full of excitement; it was wonderful. Each second I felt different; feeling secure together with your pilot as well as feeling totally free and like flying alone. And don’t forget; to experience this tandem paragliding to the full is possible when you fly with an expert team/company. Have a nice flight…

Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Babadağ Tandem Paragliding, 2000m