Tandem paragliding prices in Oludeniz, Fethiye 2022. The prices are from 120 USD to 180 USD, depending on the period and the company. Below you can read the affecting factors. Tandem paragliding prices for 2021 is not announced yet.

As Reaction Paragliding our recommendation is; “DON’T GO FOR THE CHEAP”. Yes we know nobody wants to spend more money for the same product/service. But on the backstage there are big differences in terms of safety and quality concerns. PARAGLIDING IS NOT WHERE YOU GONNA SAVE MONEY. The price difference will be 15 USD as max when you choose a proper paragliding office instead of freelancer pilot.

By law, all pilots and passengers should have a valid insurance. But we know how cheap offers are made. Be sure that any company or pilot you will go flying with has a proper/valid insurance.

The lifespan of a paraglider is about 300-400 flying hours. This corresponds to 600-700 flights in Babadag. When a company wants to reduce cost, sometimes they keep on using gliders which are already at the end of their lifespan. That’s an other way of how cheaper offers are made.

Avoid freelancers. When you search social media you will notice many pilots advertise/sell paragliding. The fotos are beautiful but doesn’t give clue about rest of your experience (pick up, transfer, office, insurance, etc.) Most of them are not a part of a proper paragliding company. Choose proper organizations.

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