Fine dining, fast food, Turkish cuisine, fresh seafood. Check this part if you want to get out of your hotel and discover more tastes. Local advise for where to eat in Fethiye.

Restaurants in Ölüdeniz Beach

We specifically recommend 4 restaurants. They are actually all neighbors to each other. But you will find different tastes and different ambiances. Here we go…

  • Nice & elegant, very delicious menu, for small groups or couples, Jade Restaurant: Jade is our 1st choice for smaller groups who wants a calm and elegant ambiance and great food. Best would be to go there for sunset drinks followed with a great dinner. Visit their website for details.
Teras view and great food
  • Great seafood, great ambiance, for small groups, Oyster Restaurant: Oyster Restaurant is our 1st recommendation if you want to enjoy real seafood, not deep frozen but fresh, not standard but Mediterranean. Oyster is not a crowded place, it is a nice environment to chat with your loved one and enjoy great dinner. Visit their website for details.
Calm and elegant, great seafood
  • Great cocktails, energetic music and great food, party can start anytime, Buzz Beach Bar: Yesss parties are here. Buzz Beach Bar is our 1st choice for bigger & louder groups or for energy seeker. Music is louder than other options but fits great to beach spirit. You should visit Buzz any time for great food and restore energy. Don’t stay away from their cocktails. Visit their website for details.
Energetic, great cocktails,
  • Volumetric area for big groups, nice ambiance, fast & good food, Bellagusto: Bellagusto is our 1st recommendation if you are a big group and want to dinner as a whole. Their serve food fast but they don’t serve fast food. Visit their website for details.
Nica food, fast service, ideal for big groups

Restaurants in Fethiye Down-town

  • Turkish cuisine & kebab, Pasha Kebap: When you look for Turkish style meat / Kabab don’t look anywhere else. Pasha Kebap is a very famous restaurant amongst both tourists and locals. They serve various kebabs as well as many other dishes. Check their website, you can reach their menu, be sure you are not hungry while having a look…
  • Steak house, Mancero: Mancero is located on the seaside of Fethiye. It has a great view and ambiance. You can plan to arrive early to enjoy the sunset time. If you look for thick and juicy steaks (European style) and/or want to drink nice wine, your address is here. For more info, here is their website.
  • Sulu yemek(Turkish cuisine), Sahil lokantası: No spagetti, no steak, no kabab, no pizza, no European. In Sahil lokantası you will find Turkish food as Turkish eat. Lots of veggies with/without meat. This is a great place when you want to experience/taste something different. You might have a difficulty to choose. Don’t be shy to ask for a mixed plate. website

Fethiye Seefood Restaurants

  • Yengeç Restaurant: You came to Mediterranean coast and you want to eat seafood Mediterranean way. You will find fresh fish and great salads. However don’t miss their mezes (hot and cold starters). website
  • Fish Market: Visit Fish market, it’s a must. The fish market is surrounded by several restaurants. The concept is you buy your fish from the market and then you sit in a restaurant where they cook your fish for you. It is busy and interesting. Prefer to visit early in the evening then you will have more options for fish.

Speciality Restaurants

  • Mama’s Kitchen, Çalış:
  • Lebbessos, Kayaköy:
  • Cinbal, Kayaköy: